Windows Live Writer: Picasa Plugin

Since my very first use of Windows Live Writer - which is by the way a very handsome tool - I figured out the need for integrated Picasa Web Album support. Unfortunately I couldn't find any plugin that would meet my requirements either to access existing images in Picasa or to upload new ones.

I didn't want to look for another tool nor to log in Picasa with the browser and search for my album and the desired image. All I wanted was similar to the Community Server Gallery Plugin, where I can choose between my albums and select the images I want to link in my blog.

Since that plugin doesn't exist, I had to write my own and right now, I got the first version working. It supports:

  • access to listed and unlisted web albums
  • preview of all images in an album
  • insertion of a thumbnail in the blog entry
  • resolution selection of linked image
  • creation of new albums
  • upload of new images
  • more features coming...

Below you see a few screenshots how the user interface looks like.


If anybody is interested in using this plugin as well, feel free to contact me.