Picasa Plugin v1.2 released!

The english version follows below.

Ich habe die nächste Version bereitgestellt, Download wie immer über die Live Gallery. Im Fokus dieses Release stehen folgende Änderungen:

  • Einfügen einer Slideshow des ausgewählten Albums
  • Verlinkung der Slideshow (Full-Browser-View - Bsp.)
  • Verlinkung des Albums
  • verbesserte Usability

Fragen, Probleme, Anregungen bitte an mich senden.

Spenden werden gerne gesehen ;) Vielen Dank!


The next version of the plugin is available, download it from the Live Gallery. Major changes / features are:

  • slideshow of the current album can be embedded
  • slideshow can be linked (full-browser-view - Bsp.)
  • album can be linked
  • improved usability

So please let me know if there's something else I can add / change or fix. Mail to me.

Donations can be made to support this product. Thanks a lot!

Picasa Plugin Released!

The english version follows below.

Es ist soweit: eine erste Alpha-Version des Picasa Plugins für den Windows Live Writer steht zum Download bereit.

Features des Plugins:

  • Auflistung öffentlicher / versteckter Alben und Bilder
  • Einbinden der Bilder in Blog-Einträge per Doppelklick
  • Auswahl Größe Preview und Link auf das Bild (optional Seitenverlinkung)
  • Erstellung öffentlicher / versteckter Alben
  • Upload von Bildern in Alben

Eine Verbesserung ist in Arbeit und ich würde mich über rege Antworten, Vorschläge, etc. freuen. Falls ihr damit zufrieden seit, bitte ich Euch, auch eine Bewertung dafür abzugeben. Vielen Dank.


 The time has come: the first alpha version of the picasa plugin has been released and is available for download.

Plugin features:

  • listing of public / private albums and images
  • insertion of images into blog entries per double-click
  • selection of preview and link size (web pages can be linked as well)
  • creation of public / private albums
  • upload of images into picasa

Improvement work is still in progress and I would like to hear from you in case of suggestions, bugs or anything else. If you are happy with this plugin, I would like you to give me a nice review. Thank you.



Windows Live Writer: Picasa Plugin

Since my very first use of Windows Live Writer - which is by the way a very handsome tool - I figured out the need for integrated Picasa Web Album support. Unfortunately I couldn't find any plugin that would meet my requirements either to access existing images in Picasa or to upload new ones.

I didn't want to look for another tool nor to log in Picasa with the browser and search for my album and the desired image. All I wanted was similar to the Community Server Gallery Plugin, where I can choose between my albums and select the images I want to link in my blog.

Since that plugin doesn't exist, I had to write my own and right now, I got the first version working. It supports:

  • access to listed and unlisted web albums
  • preview of all images in an album
  • insertion of a thumbnail in the blog entry
  • resolution selection of linked image
  • creation of new albums
  • upload of new images
  • more features coming...

Below you see a few screenshots how the user interface looks like.


If anybody is interested in using this plugin as well, feel free to contact me. Mailto:mannitou@gmx.net