Picasa Plugin v1.2 released!

The english version follows below.

Ich habe die nächste Version bereitgestellt, Download wie immer über die Live Gallery. Im Fokus dieses Release stehen folgende Änderungen:

  • Einfügen einer Slideshow des ausgewählten Albums
  • Verlinkung der Slideshow (Full-Browser-View - Bsp.)
  • Verlinkung des Albums
  • verbesserte Usability

Fragen, Probleme, Anregungen bitte an mich senden.

Spenden werden gerne gesehen ;) Vielen Dank!


The next version of the plugin is available, download it from the Live Gallery. Major changes / features are:

  • slideshow of the current album can be embedded
  • slideshow can be linked (full-browser-view - Bsp.)
  • album can be linked
  • improved usability

So please let me know if there's something else I can add / change or fix. Mail to me.

Donations can be made to support this product. Thanks a lot!


RedFive hat gesagt…


I tried to install this plugin with Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 but failed. Can you make it compatible with Framework 3.0. I just feel wrong if I have to degrade my Framework.

Thank you!

Anonym hat gesagt…

When select album, I got error like this:
"Remote server returns error: (400) Bad Request / System.Net.WebException"

I sniff packet, then GET request was...
GET /data/feed/api/user//albumid/*****?kind=photo HTTP/1.1

response was:
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Invalid request URI.

there is no username.
my picasa account contains "." like "lastname.firstname".


mischi hat gesagt…

I found an error in the login procedure, because of different login possibilities. I fixed it and updated the version to v1.3 on the microsoft gallery. After approval of microsoft the new version is online and available for download. Or, if you want, let me know a mail-adress and I will send the dll or installer to you.

Hope, this helps.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I try new version, and it works.
Thank you!