Picasa Plugin v1.3 released!

The english version follows below.

Als erstes möchte ich mich entschuldigen, dass dieses Update so lange hat auf sich warten lassen müssen. Zukünftige Updates will und werde ich zeitnah bereitstellen. Nun aber zu den Details:

Ich habe die nächste Version bereitgestellt, Download wie immer über die Live Gallery. Im Fokus dieses Release stehen folgende Änderungen:

  • Fix bei fehlerhaften Anmeldungen
  • Umstellung auf .net 2.0
  • Erweiterte Einstellungen des Previews (Wrapping, Seitenabstand)

Fragen, Probleme, Anregungen wie bisher bitte an mich senden, ich werde mich darum kümmern.

Spenden werden gerne gesehen ;) Vielen Dank!


First of all, I have to apologize. I was stuck in other projects and I couldn't manage it to invest the time I wanted into this project. I will provide future updates in a more timely manner. But let's focus on the current release details:

The next version of the plugin is available, download it from the Live Gallery. Major changes / features are:

  • Fix of erroneous login
  • .net 2.0 support
  • Further preview settings (wrapping, margins)

So please let me know if there's something else I can add / change or fix. Please mail to me.

Donations can be made to support this product. Thanks a lot!


沙漠之子 hat gesagt…

Can not show that Chinese album title.
All Chinese album title showed 'Unnanmedxx'.

mischi hat gesagt…

I will look into this and send you an update. What's your email adress, so I can send you the new plugin?


BlueHawk hat gesagt…

Great plugin, thanks a lot.
However, when using the "link picture"option, the link only goes to the small picture. Could you add a function that can link to the picture viewing page in Picasa(Where people can make comment)? Thank you.

mischi hat gesagt…

Hi Bluehawk,

I added the possibility to link to the current image within picasa. Let me know your email address and I will send it to you.


RC Mishra hat gesagt…

Hello, I just tried this plugin. I found that It takes long time to pull all the images from album, as mine had 158 Pics. May I request you to make it such that it gets 10-20 images at once and there should be option to fetch more.

Thanks for the nice plugin!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Michael

Can this be made to work thru a proxy server. I get this error when I try.
"The remote name could not be resolved:'www.google.com / System.Net.WebException"



Anonym hat gesagt…

The plug in is wonderful.
I have found though if I have a video in my album it will error out and not display any album contents, any chance in resolving this?

Romp99 hat gesagt…

Is there a way to make it save the log in information so I don't have to keep typing it in?

Jme hat gesagt…

As a long time user of Zoundry Raven I have just switched to Livewriter as the picture publishing has changed, it just stopped working. So I was pleased to see your plug-in which allows me to follow a similar work-flow when publishing.

Like others I have had problems with Albums with 500+ pictures in causing it to crash. My work around is to have albums with smaller numbers of pictures - what is the limit?

Could you add a border option? Adding pictures via the standard interface allows this (and I got used to it with Raven.) It helps to create a frame around the picture.

I also like the idea of linking to the Picasaweb page to allows comments.

Alberto Cabas Vidani hat gesagt…

I can't login, it continuosly tells that the username and password are wrong.

Hannah hat gesagt…

When I open my picture folder the images are rather small. I reuse images from the past. Is there some way to place the title of the picture, or tag or something UNDER the picture for easier reference?

Also with new pictures that I add - I always seem to get 2 copies of the picture in my WLW folder on Pisaso. Is that normal?